Radical left-wing activists call for violent revolution in Austin, Texas… leave bloody pig heads at conservative campaign offices as warning

Following attacks on five Republican political offices, Antifa members have ramped up their extremism and rhetoric by placing severed pig’s heads at a number of polling places and campaign offices in Austin, Texas, Far Left Watch reported this week.

The heads were placed along with placards that were critical of both U.S. Senate candidates, Democratic Rep. Beto O’Rourke and incumbent GOP Sen. Ted Cruz, calling both “imperialist pigs” while eschewing our political process.

“Elections, No, Revolution, Yes!” both placards read.

The act of violence came soon after the Left-wing “establishment” media and Democrats accused the GOP of “seizing” on the mantra of “angry mobs” so they could excite their base of supporters ahead of the Nov. 6 midterm elections.

Far Left Watch also noted:

The Red Guards Austin recently shared a blog post with their 8,000 Facebook followers in which they commemorated Mao Zedong’s brutal communist revolution that resulted in millions of people being slaughtered. In this blog post, they called for a boycott of the “bourgeois elections” and advocated for organized revolutionary violence. In one part of the blog, they even called for the formation of a “Red Army” that will destroy the existing state and replace it with a new authoritarian communist state.

“Mainly this means uniting under Maoism, establishing self-defense units which are in time converted into a mighty Red Army, encouraging the self-administration of the community under the protection of this army, forming a new state posed to make war on the old,” the post noted.

The post ended with blatant calls for armed action and for sitting out the midterms.

“Boycott the Bourgeois Elections! Elections, no! Revolution, yes! The ruling class will rule no more! Revolution, People’s War!” it said.

Under the guise of pretending to care about minorities, women, and the LGBTQ community, the hard Left is advocating the overthrow of our government, period, and not because the advocates of same are modern-day versions of our founding fathers. They aren’t even “Maoists” or “Stalinists,” because what they really want is anarchy which, by definition, means no government at all, communist or otherwise. (Related: FBI, DHS Officially Classify Antifa Activities As “Domestic Terrorist Violence.”)

This is not the work of just a few kooks

And before anyone simply dismisses these people as kooks, crazies, and goofballs, understand that their advocacy for ‘revolution’ is steadily becoming more violent and brazen. Where once they merely stated opinions online, these Leftists have now reached the point where they’re talking slaughtered animal parts and using them to attack our representative republic.

And when they’re not doing that, they’re showing up to conservative-constitutionalist rallies and political events to attack people.

In mobs, just like Republicans have said.

Even during the Obama administration, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI declared these radicals domestic terrorists, though none of them were ever arrested for their violent actions. The issue really came to a head after a rally in Charlottesville, N.C., turned deadly in August 2017 when members of far-Left Antifa anarchists clashed with Right-wing white supremacists. Yet even then, Antifa has been left to its own devices, growing in numbers and becoming more and more threatening.

No doubt the Trump administration is monitoring these people, but the question is this: At what point does the government take their threats more seriously – serious enough to make some arrests and charge some people with criminal activity?

Making the effort to place severed animal heads at political offices and polling stations represent a significant escalation in the threat pattern. It’s a potent indicator that these extremists do not intend to back off or de-escalate their actions anytime soon. In fact, you should expect them to become even more extreme and violent, especially if Republicans and POTUS Donald Trump continue to dominate elections.

They should be dealt with before someone is killed.

Read more about the Left’s domestic terrorism at Terrorism.news.

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