NEWSWEEK openly endorses terrorism-promoting DNC deputy chair, smears critics for daring to oppose support for Antifa terrorism tactics

Patriotic Americans everywhere were outraged to learn that Democratic National Committee (DNC) deputy chair, Representative Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota), recently tweeted his support for the domestic terrorist group known as Antifa (short for “anti-fascist”). But left-wing rags like Newsweek are actually taking Ellison’s side by openly condemning his critics and coming to his defense.

Just days after more moderate news outlets like The Gateway Pundit drew attention to Rep. Ellison’s shocking admission of support for the radical, anti-American Antifa group, Newsweek published an article accusing everyone who had something negative to say about Rep. Ellison of being “racist” and “anti-muslim.” Newsweek writer Michael Edison Hayden labeled Rep. Ellison’s opposition as a group of “far-right activists” who are merely using invective to go after someone they don’t like.

Hayden makes no mention whatsoever in his article about the fact that it’s highly inappropriate for a member of Congress to pose with a communist handbook while issuing veiled threats to our current president. He also fails to address the many incidents that have occurred over the past several years in which Antifa members have vandalized private property and harmed people, instead focusing exclusively on those who would dare to question the public behavior of a black Muslim.

“The subject matter of the book details the history of antifascism, and helps to explain how and why they protest,” Hayden argues, ignoring the fact that this same book also discusses how Antifa members can effectively target white people and those who identify as Christian. “The text itself is politically neutral,” Hayden adds, “though Bray is himself an activist” – this referring to Mark Bray, author of Antifa: The Anti Fascist Handbook.

Those trying to hold Rep. Ellison accountable for supporting anti-American literature are a ‘fringe movement,’ Newsweek hack claims

Despite the fact that Rep. Ellison has a lengthy and sordid history of supporting radical anti-American and anti-Christian causes, Newsweek chose to paint him as some type of innocent martyr who is being thrown through the wringer simply because of his skin color, or because he opposes President Trump.

The left-leaning paper further makes light of people’s concerns about Rep. Ellison’s integrity and ability to lead with impartiality, labeling those who are upset about the man’s questionable alliances and political leanings of representing a “fringe movement.” Hayden really drives this point home by repeatedly using the title “conspiracy theorist” to describe those in the independent media who refuse to gloss over Rep. Ellison’s actions.

Since when did holding government officials accountable for their actions become the thing of tin foil hats and UFO tracking? Only at failing news outlets like Newsweek does this type of character assassination fly as “journalism.” Not only does the paper apparently think that Rep. Ellison’s pro-terrorism leanings are perfectly normal, but it also claims that many Americans do, too.

Newsweek reported in December that favorable opinions of Muslims are rising during the Trump era, according to an Arab American Institute poll conducted by Zogby Analytics,” Hayden adds in an appeal to bandwagon groupthink. “The favorability rating of American Muslims like Ellison has risen nine points since July, according to the poll.”

“Meanwhile, far-right pundits continue to blame ‘antifa’ for news events to which leftist protesters have no connection, including terrorism,” he adds.

This is quite the bold claim, considering the fact that Antifa groups themselves openly admit that violence is “necessary” when they don’t get their way. In other words, they’re more than willing to use fascist tactics to “fight fascism” whenever non-violence doesn’t achieve the desired goal.

In Bray’s own words (who Rep. Ellison apparently supports based on his tweet):

“The argument (in favor of violence) is that [fascism] needs to be stopped immediately, because if you let it grow, that poses a danger to society.”

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