Gun control fail: Terrorists use banned guns to murder 235 Egyptians; media withholds the facts

“When the people were fleeing the mosque attackers shot them with automatic rifles.”

Islamic terrorists ruthlessly murdered at least 235 Egyptians at a mosque on Friday when they detonated a bomb which forced mosque-goers to run outside where the terrorists were waiting with automatic rifles.

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Terrorists tried to prevent people from fleeing the area by blowing up cars and using them as roadblocks, Sky News reported.

Officials suspect ISIS to be responsible for the attack, which is being billed as the worst attack in the nation’s modern history, as it left at least 235 people dead and over 130 injured, the Daily Mail added.

While nearly every news agency in existence reported on the attack, virtually none of them have reported on the guns used by the terrorists.

However, a local Egyptian news correspondent reported that the terrorists used “automatic rifles,” which are banned in Egypt.


Information provided by a Senior Legal Information Analyst at the Library of Congress indicates that the rifles used in the attack are illegal for people to have in Egypt:

Specified categories of firearms and related equipment, such as automatic assault rifles, rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs), gun silencers, and telescopic equipment used with weapons are prohibited.

In Egypt, people must have a permit to own a limited selection of firearms, which include “smooth-barrel guns, pistols, and shotguns.”

“Smooth-barrel guns” are shotguns or muskets; they are not semi-automatic rifles like an AR-15, which would also be prohibited in Egypt.

The media refuses to report this because it destroys their gun-control narrative as it proves that anyone who is determined to commit mass murder will find the means to do so.

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