5 Survival techniques you need to know when society breaks down into chaos

It may prove beneficial to equip yourself with sufficient survival knowledge at the event of a complete societal collapse. An article published in AskaPrepper.com listed five important pointers that people need to do when the rule of law is no longer adhered to.

  1. Blend in – According to the article, trying to blend in would be the first important thing to do when modern society collapses. Doing so will attract less attention, which in turn will prevent attacks. The article noted that homes showing signs of having a conservative family were more likely to be targeted by leftist mobs.
  2. Stay indoors – The best way to avoid confrontations is to stay indoors at all times, the article stated. According to the article, this is when being a prepper pays off as commodities such as food supplies and other resources have been stowed away in advance and should be readily available during societal crisis. The same should go for other essential resources such as medical supplies and firearm ammunition. The article also suggested that people start storing home essentials as panic buying during a collapse may lead to further chaos due to rising temper and pressure.
  3. Think of self-defense – The article argued that people have to defend themselves in the event of widespread riot and break-ins. According to the article, the best way to defend your household is to plan things out. A safe room would be the most ideal option to defend your family against mobs. The article suggested using a room with solid walls and a single entry. A room at the end of a corridor would be ideal as you can anticipate all approaching attacks. The article also suggested using a room with a single entry, and a secret exit that would provide the family a quick escape if a mob sets the house on fire.
  4. Carry a firearm – Carrying a gun may prove important in the event of a collapse. According to the article, people should carry a gun wherever and whenever possible, as mobs rarely give people the chance to retrieve their firearms. However, the article cautioned that people should discreetly carry their firearms; brandishing a gun in public could easily make you a target. The article suggested keeping a concealed handgun, and a long gun that is hidden but easily accessible in the car.
  5. Follow the rules – The article recommended that people should still live within the bounds of laws much as possible. According to the article, this should make recovery a lot easier when order is finally restored.

Crime is on the rise: It would do well to be prepared

With global crime rates showing a steady increase, it is no secret that the modern society is already on the verge of collapse. In fact, data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)’s Crime in the United States, 2015 report showed that the number of violent crimes in the U.S. grew by nearly four percent compared with 2014. According to the report, there were nearly 1.2 million violent crimes committed across the country in 2015 alone.

The FBI report also noted that the estimated number of murders in the country was more than 15,000, while the estimated number of rapes reached nearly 91,000. The U.S. also reported 327,374 robberies in the same year. These robberies were accounted for about $390 million in losses. According to the report, firearms were associated with 71.5 percent of the country’s murders, 40.8 percent of robberies, and 24.2 percent of aggravated assaults. In addition, property crimes were tied to estimated losses of $14.3 billion. The report also revealed that reported stolen property had a total value amounting to nearly $12.5 billion.

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