German court system on verge of collapse due to refugees’ lawsuits

On a global scale, one of the biggest disasters facing the world today is the refugee crisis in Europe. After welcoming in these refugees with open arms — and without a proper vetting process — countless countries in Europe are now realizing what a huge mistake they’ve made. From the horrific amount of sexual assaults to the reign of terror throughout the streets in these areas, nothing good has come from any of this.

Once again, the Regressive Left realized just how terrible their decision was shortly after making it. This has become extremely common with their party, but for whatever reason, they refuse to believe that they are wrong about anything. They make rash decisions and then suffer the consequences without ever really learning from their mistakes. It’s a frustrating thing to witness, but it isn’t actually surprising. It’s become far too common for that.

This refugee situation is much more upsetting, though, because it puts the lives of innocent people at risk. Not only are the silly leftists being hurt by their own bad decisionmaking — so are people who simply weren’t lucky enough to be born in an area not run by globalists. Germany is feeling this heavily right now, as there are now so many lawsuits regarding “refugees” that the entire court system is on the verge of collapse.

Allan Hall of Express reports, “Lawsuits in the capital from refugees — the majority of them Syrians — are now being bundled into packs of 50 and distributed to overworked judges throughout the capital. Officials say the tsunami of litigation has not only consequences for the courts — which now urgently need additional staff — or the plaintiffs.”

This should serve as a warning to the rest of the world: we need to take security threats a lot more seriously than we have been as of late. There are people sharing a planet with us that simply want to destroy democracy and hope. They are evil, twisted people with a frightening ideology and pretending that they are anything other than that is a disservice to ourselves and our country. It’s time that we all — regardless of where we are from — accept this as truth.

Germany is in a state of chaos right now because they tried to believe that all people are good. They have learned the hard way that all people are not good. There are some bad apples in the bunch, and when those bad apples strike, nobody is safe.

Let’s hope that America has learned the lesson for them and that this kind of destruction avoids our country permanently.



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