Editor of popular newspaper writes migrant article, gets charged with ‘hate speech’

It’s often easy for us folks in America to get caught up in the numerous issues regarding the First Amendment, but there are attacks on free speech all across the world that often slip under the radar. We tend to take for granted the fact that, in spite of the all too frequent attempts at destroying our right to free speech, we still do have a constitutional right to say and write whatever we please. For the rest of the world, that is not always the case.

Take Christoph Biro for instance. An editor of the Austrian national paper Kronen Zeitung, Biro is currently facing the possibility of hate crime charges for writing a controversial article about the deadly migrant crisis that is plaguing the world today. For merely expressing his opinion on a political and cultural issue, Biro has been attacked as if he were an actual criminal – and that is frightening for everyone who cares about liberty.

Chris Tomlinson of Breitbart reports, “Calling the majority of the migrants ‘testosterone-driven Syrians,’ Mr. Biro recounted the multiple reports of migrants carrying out, in his words, ‘extremely aggressive sexual assaults’. He also detailed Afghan men had slashed the seats of the trains that were transporting them to Germany because they refused to sit where Christians had previously sat.”

For some reason, speaking the truth about these kinds of controversial issues is somehow seen as threatening to the Regressive Left, which continues to go to great lengths in order to keep people from turning their backs on the corrupt mainstream media and searching for the truth on their own. They want us to continue believing their lies so that they can control us like puppets. And if we dare speak out against any of their protected classes, they will threaten to charge us with crimes.

The mainstream media outlets have been virtually silent regarding Biro’s unfair treatment, which goes to show just how little they actually care about free speech. Since they themselves are owned by the same corporations that own the federal government, they have nothing to fear. For those of us with integrity – who actually care about exposing the truth – these infringements of freedom are terrifying.

We have to stand with people like Christoph Biro – regardless of where they are in the world – in order to send the message that free speech is a human right. Nobody should have to fear what might happen to them just for telling the truth.





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