Normandy: 84-year-old priest has his throat slit by two men shouting “Allahu Akbar”

The number of terror attacks in Europe continues to rise as another act of radical Islamic violence has occurred in Normandy, France.

Two men who had previously pledged their allegiance to ISIS stormed into a Catholic church in northern France, wielding knives and yelling, “Allahu Akbar!” They held the occupants of the church hostage before slitting the throat of Jacques Hamel — the church’s 84-year-old priest — and critically injuring another yet-to-be-named person.

Thankfully, the two terrorists were shot and killed by French police, putting an end to their reign of evil. Unfortunately, there’s no doubt that there are many more radicalized Islamic terrorists willing to continue violence against innocent people. Thus has become the current state of affairs in regards to world terror at the hands of ISIS.

Of course, the mainstream liberal media will inevitably try to find a way to avoid blaming this attack on radical Islamic terrorism, but that’s exactly what it is. This is a calculated assault on a Catholic priest in the name of Islam. That is indisputable. The absurd belief that Muslims couldn’t possibly commit acts of violence because of they belong to the “religion of peace” is becoming more and more dangerous by the minute.

The extremist version of the Islamic ideology is in direct conflict with the modern way of life. Their ideals and values do not match up with ours in the slightest and it’s important that we acknowledge this. Innocent people are being murdered every single day at the hands of ISIS supporters. These are not “lone wolf” attacks. These are not isolated incidents. These are far too common. This is radical Islam.

We have to accept these things as truth before we all end up on the metaphorical chopping block. Political correctness has no place in a survival setting. Human lives are more valuable than human feelings.



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